Our Story


Electric Motoring is a passion project started by my wife Mina and I with the intention of introducing as many people as possible to electric vehicles. 

When I was courting Mina in 2014 I made many promises to her - a daily "mean green" freshly made juice, a lifetime of intense love, and committed to one day buying her the car of her dreams: a Tesla!

Mina is a lifelong environmentalist and was long fascinated by hybrid vehicles and their positive effects on the planet. When she first heard of the Nissan Leaf she thought the idea was even better - no gasoline needed whatsoever! 

But when she heard of a California startup company that had taken the namesake of one of her favorite scientists - Nikolai Tesla - her attention turned to the technological marvels of this maker of premium electric vehicles.

I had first heard of Tesla from a Rolling Stone article several years ago before they started producing cars and was intrigued with the concept of this company that wanted nothing to do with any of the Detroit car making scene and had the vision of having their customers "enjoying a latte" while their car was being serviced.

Whenever Mina and I took a trip somewhere I always looked into renting a Tesla to impress my girl - Hertz in Seattle told me they had no Teslas but they had a real nice Maserati that would surely impress any girl. I declined the offer, knowing Mina would have been decidedly unimpressed by such a vehicle.

But then we planned a trip to San Diego in February 2015 and I was determined to find a way to get her in the car of her dreams for the weekend. A bit of googling introduced me to a website named Turo which matches car owners and renters directly as the Air BnB of car rentals - several Teslas were available in LAX where we flew into on account of a much more affordable airfare.

We picked up Daniel's red Tesla Model S and immediately knew we never wanted to drive any other car. Mina kept commenting about how the car "glides" rather than drives as we had a blast throughout the weekend with this beautiful car.

We meet other Tesla owners at the San Diego supercharger and shared our intentions of reserving a model 3 the first day possible and heard many owners were planning the same thing. One gentlemen told us he had a couple of Lexus SUV's but revealed "once you drive one of these Teslas you never want to drive anything else."

And that was exactly how we felt. After the trip we reserved the model 3 on March 31st but then May came around and I realized I couldn't wait any more - I convinced Mina to give me the go ahead and then ordered our red Model S 90D! 

I was never big on red cars but renting Daniel's Tesla in California led to this simple truth: red cars look fast. 

42 grueling days of wait ensued as I became an active consumer of all types of Tesla information, my favorite source being "Ride the Lighting", a podcast passion project run by Ryan McCaffrey. Ryan is a Tesla fanboy that gives a weekly account of all the Tesla news worth talking about. He signs off every podcast wishing everyone "happy electric motoring" and this stuck with me throughout my Tesla fandom.

We took delivery of Data, the name we gave our Model S, and I immediately insisted that everyone around me should drive this car so they could share this magical feeling we had about never wanting to drive anything else.

From there it was a pretty quick transition to renting the car out on Turo - a great resource for people that want to take an extended look at the concept of Tesla ownership.

When Data ended up being rented more often than not I thought it would be a good idea to buy another Tesla to drive and rent out as well - Lucille, our red Model X P100DL was ordered and added to the fleet.

We hope that others can have the same experience we did and welcome everyone heartily to the Tesla world.

Happy electric motoring!